Pleasant Home Dunkard Brethren Church | Modesto Gospel Mission
Modesto Gospel Mission

Every other month, the Pleasant Home is blessed to hold a preaching and singing service at the Modesto Gospel Mission. Many of the 2000+ people that the mission shelters every year come to enjoy a good meal, receive encouragement through fellowship with other Believers, and enjoy the Gospel being sung and preached. Those in attendance choose the songs that are sung and many of the same beloved Gospel hymns that we have sung all of our life are requested. Many backgrounds and experiences are represented by those in attendance and when Jesus is lifted up and worship begins, all in attendance share the miracle of God’s presence.

Pleasant Home Dunkard Brethren Church | Modesto Pregnancy Center
Modesto Pregnancy Center

We support the Modesto Pregnancy Center prolife ministry to the Modesto area.

The Pleasant Home Congregation has financially supported the Modesto Pregnancy Center ministry for over 30 years. Many lives have been saved and many lives have been changed by God’s message that life is precious. Many young women who have experienced God’s grace through the Modesto Pregnancy Center become equipped to encourage others to embrace life.

Pleasant Home Dunkard Brethren Church | Casa de Modesto Singing
Casa de Modesto Singing

Once a month the Pleasant Home congregation holds a singing service at the Casa de Modesto senior citizens care facility. Many of the residents look forward to this time and often tell us that they remember singing a cappella hymns. Many fond memories and heartwarming stories have been shared by the residents during our visiting time after the singing. The gospel in song never loses its power to encourage and inspire. Even when some of the residents are frail in body they are strong in their mind remembering why they love to sing and hear Godly singing.

Pleasant Home Dunkard Brethren Church | Bible School
Bible School

Every year, the Dunkard Brethren Church holds a Bible School in Peru Indiana. The Bible School invites young people and singles to a week of intense Bible study covering practical and theological topics. The courses are challenging and the fellowship is invigorating. One of the enjoyable activities at Bible School is choir. Challenging new hymns and worship songs are learned and there is a concert presented on Saturday night after the week of intense learning. We encourage all who can attend to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity that Bible school offers

Pleasant Home Dunkard Brethren Church | CASP

The Pleasant home congregation supports CASP. CASP stands for “Conservative Anabaptist Service Program.” In keeping with our Biblical understanding of non-resistantance our young men participate In 4 weeks of volunteer service. This volunteer service is recognized by the US government’s Selective Service branch as meeting the requirement of a church registering with the Selective Service as conscientious objectors to war. Our young men spend their volunteer service at CASP repairing, building or doing general cleaning up at a national park location that the Selective Service chooses.

Pleasant Home Dunkard Brethren Church | Youth Retreat

One and a half hours from downtown Denver is a small youth camp called Camp Colorado. Every year over the 4th of July weekend a unique retreat for single young people is held to teach Biblical values, enjoy fellowship, and mentor leader ship in the youth of the Dunkard Brethren Church. The beautiful Colorado mountains offer a unique setting to leave the every day distractions and pressures at home and focus on God and his will for each person’s life. The young people’s time is spent hiking, listening to lectures, and participating in discussion groups. The topics that are given during hillside lectures to the young people involve topics that are relevant to our young peoples every day spiritual lives.

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